Thank you from your winner – Jermaine!

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What a great event this has been! The students have asked some great (and, honestly, some weird…) questions. So they’re the first people I’d like to thank – thank you to the students for making this event as great as it has been. It’s been really interesting taking on your questions and also getting to know the other psychologists in the chats. Everyone who took part in this zone is an excellent researcher, and so I feel honoured to have been able to work with the others.

The moderators and developers have also obviously worked a lot harder than we psychologists have, so thanks to all of you for doing so. You’ve made the process work so seamlessly that I’m sure we’re all very grateful.

Lastly I hope that we’ve inspired at least a few students to go on to become a psychologist in your later careers. It’s a subject which has something for everybody, meaning that you can go on to study any area of human behaviour that you might be interested in. I’m going to start working on the project which will allow me to introduce more of you to the actual world of psychological research once the summer is over, so hopefully I will be able to help some of you with this experience.

Once again, thank you – winning this does mean a lot.

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